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New Ways of Working

« Only 26% of employees consider organisational changes as positive »

McKinsey, 2015

Easily transition towards new working methods.

Putting in place new working methods can be a roller coaster, even projects that were initially well-received can build resistance the week before the launch. Jubiwee allows you to track the ups and downs so you may adapt your strategy and make your project a success.



Mobilize all of your employees before, during and after the transition.



Adapt in real time to avoid obstacles and build on successes.



Measure the impact of actions you put in place in real time.



Personalize for each population type and build momentum around key milestones.

Teams using Jubiwee are more satisfied in their first year by


"We are looking to flatten our organization but many employees fear losing their current status"

Is Jubiwee right for me?

Contact us if you identify with any of the following statements.

I would like to involve more employees in the next pilot initiative but I don’t have months to organize and facilitate workshops for the target volume

I would like for all voices to be heard equally, instead of the loud voices overtaking the conversation

I would like to reassure employees at each step of the transition

I would like to give my managers the right tools to handle the transition





Speedy launch and results


Personalise Jubiwee to your company’s context.


30 second digital interactions once or twice per month before, during and after the launch.


Actionable ideas for each context and population type.


Track adoption and the evolution of your results in your dashboard!

I want our new initiative to be a success!

Marie Plazenet

« I recommend Jubiwee to any company wishing to restore or create a strong social bond, to measure the impact of decisions in real time or to measure employee engagement. The elements I appreciate the most about Jubiwee are their professionalism and their exceptional availability. »

Marie Plazenet
HR Development Manager at AssurOne Group

Christophe Bardet

« Super flexible as a tool and ultra intuitive to use. Jubiwee truly gives employees the floor to express themselves and encourages real conversations. I recommend Jubiwee to every executive looking to involve their employees and instill a culture of clarity and transparency. »

Christophe Bardet
General Manager at COVEA Protection Juridique