« Employee engagement is no longer an engaging topic for our teams »

Survey of Fortune 500 companies, Unleash 2018

Your employee engagement strategy can be truly engaging.

You hold engagement surveys year after year but results rarely change ? This situation is all too common across companies. Employees feel that annual and pulse approaches are too distant from their day to day and are not conducive to real-time changes.



Invite your employees to find the best solutions for your context.



Measure the impact of actions you put in place in a matter of weeks and not months.



Discover the most innovative and efficient initiatives proposed by our community and our experts.



Rejoice in the implication of your employees and the concrete ROI that speaks to senior management.

Teams using Jubiwee are more satisfied in their first year by


"Managers and employees in my company are skeptical of engagement programs, even when it concerns them directly"

Is Jubiwee right for me?

Contact us if you identify with any of the following statements.

Your employees are tired of traditional engagement initiatives

You are responsible for engagement and are wondering where is the best place to start

You want to put an end to the never ending workgroups and action plans in overcrowded slides

For once, you would like to present engagement as a concrete and actionable topic to your superiors





Speedy launch and results


Personalize Jubiwee to your company’s context.


30 second digital interactions once or twice per month.


Actionable ideas for each context and population type.


Track your progress and the evolution of your results in your dashboard!

I want to truly engage my teams!

Mathilde Le Coz

« After testing several solutions, we went with Jubiwee for its flexibility, client-orientation and super intuitive interphase. »

Mathilde Le Coz
HR Innovation Director at Mazars

Philippe Calmels

« The Jubiwee team is very professional. The tool is reliable and the insights are very easy to understand. »

Philippe Calmels
HR Director at Crédit du Nord

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