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« 45% of all departures are announced during the first year of work and the cost of onboarding a new employee is estimated at 25% of their annual salary. »

Welcome to the Jungle, 2017

Your onboarding should shine, not fluster.

The fact that onboarding and integration are critical moments is not news to you. These moments determine whether newcomers see your company as a place to stay or go. Companies use Jubiwee to transform these moments into strategic levers of their employment brand by crafting unique experiences.



Identify what works and what doesn’t by department or by type of profile.



Measure the impact of actions you put in place for each population type.



Vote for the most innovative and efficient initiatives for your organization.



Improve your internal processes and avoid early departures.

Teams using Jubiwee are more satisfied in their first year by


"We invest highly in recruitment, we cannot afford to lose newcomers in their first months"

Is Jubiwee right for me?

Contact us if you identify with any of the following statements.

After all the time and energy you put into the recruitment process, you don’t want to lose candidates after they have set their foot in the door

Your external value proposition and employer reputation is a strategic priority

You are looking to increase retention on key populations

You are looking to create an ongoing exchange with newcomers to your company

You are looking to reboot your onboarding strategy to make it best-in-class





Speedy launch and results


Personalize Jubiwee to match the key stages of your onboarding.


30 second digital interactions once or twice per month.


Actionable ideas for each context and population type.


Track the progress of your results and celebrate retention rates in your dashboard!

Your onboarding should shine, not fluster.

Claire-Lise Colin

« Jubiwee gives me Insights on onboarding and on the atmosphere across teams, which can be tricky with remote teams. I recommend it to companies looking to improve their employee experience and measure their teams’ commitment. Question customization and look and feel are what I like most. »

Claire-Lise Colin
Talent Manager at Lunchr

Christelle Pradier

« Internships are key opportunities for us to showcase our most advanced digital and transformation initiatives. Thanks to our work with Jubiwee we are closer than ever to our community of interns - in France and abroad -and we are able to better address their expectations. »

Christelle Pradier
Recruitment Director France at Sopra Steria