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Remote work

« 85% of employees and 66% of HR Directors see remote working as an opportunity to implement new working methods »

Opinionway Survey, 2014

Get a sense of how your team is doing no matter where they are based.

Some of my employees work remotely or are on assignments with clients, how to keep team cohesion and know when they experience difficulties?



Know what’s going on no matter where your employees are based or what shift they work.



React at the right time instead of waiting until the end of an assignment or the next meeting.


Save Time

Save time by grouping information instead of collecting scattered pieces.



Align your team and stay close to all team members regardless of where they are based.

In 10 years, the number of remote workers increased by


"Our company is testing remote work for the first time, how can we keep track of lessons learned and whether the pilot was a success?"

Is Jubiwee right for me?

Contact us if you identify with any of the following statements.

I work in a consulting firm and our employees are often based out of our client’s offices

Some of my team members work the night shift so I don’t see them often

My teams are based in different cities and I want to keep team cohesion

Our company is looking for the best remote work policy to put in place





Speedy launch and results


Personalize Jubiwee to your approach to remote work.


30 second digital interactions once or twice per month.


Actionable ideas for each context and population type.


Track your progress and the evolution of your results in your dashboard!

I want to master working with remote teams!

Claire-Lise Colin

« Jubiwee gives me Insights on onboarding and on the atmosphere across teams, which can be tricky with remote teams. I recommend it to companies looking to improve their employee experience and measure their teams’ commitment. Question customization and look and feel are what I like most. »

Claire-Lise Colin
Talent Manager at Lunchr

Christophe Bardet

« Super flexible as a tool and ultra intuitive to use. Jubiwee truly gives employees the floor to express themselves and encourages real conversations. I recommend Jubiwee to every executive looking to involve their employees and instill a culture of clarity and transparency. »

Christophe Bardet
General Manager at COVEA Protection Juridique