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First-time manager

« 50% of employees prefer a more personalized management style »

Oracle Talent Study - September 2015

Unlock everything you need to become a good manager on Day 1.

It has never been harder to be a manager, employees have ever increasing expectations on both performance and human leadership. Managers are well equipped to measure team performance but not team management and dynamics - a part of their job that takes tremendous amount of effort and yet stays unmeasured.



Invite your employees to find the best rituals for your team.



Track the impact of actions you put in place in a matter of weeks, instead of waiting for months.



Discover the best ideas for your team tested by experts and a community of managers.



Strengthen your strengths to build a signature management style.

Teams using Jubiwee are more satisfied in their first year by


"I’m looking for an alternative to typical management training in order to refresh the management style in my company"

Is Jubiwee right for me?

Contact us if you identify with any of the following statements.

I'm ready for my signature management style!

This will be my first time managing a team

My management training is scheduled months after my start date

In my next step I will be managing a much larger team than before

I find books on management to be very theoretical, isn’t there a more practical approach?





Speedy launch and results


Personalize Jubiwee to reflect your management objectives.


30 second digital interactions once or twice per month.


Actionable ideas adapted to you and your team.


Track your progress and the evolution of your results in your dashboard!

I’m ready for my signature management style!

Claire-Lise Colin

« Jubiwee gives me Insights on onboarding and on the atmosphere across teams, which can be tricky with remote teams. I recommend it to companies looking to improve their employee experience and measure their teams’ commitment. Question customization and look and feel are what I like most. »

Claire-Lise Colin
Talent Manager at Lunchr

Marie Plazenet

« I recommend Jubiwee to any company wishing to restore or create a strong social bond, to measure the impact of decisions in real time or to measure employee engagement. The elements I appreciate the most about Jubiwee are their professionalism and their exceptional availability. »

Marie Plazenet
HR Development Manager at AssurOne Group