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Internship Experience

« 3 out of 4 recent graduates don’t want to work for large companies »

Accenture Strategy, 2017

Know whether your interns want to join your teams way before their last day.

Your interns and apprentices represent an invaluable talent pool for your company: they know the ins and outs of your culture, have developed an internal network and therefore can be operational very quickly. If converting these emerging talents into full-time roles is key for you, we can help.



Boost your interns and managers by making them active contributors of ideas.



Discover the best ideas for each context tested by experts and your community of managers.



Spread meaningful actions across teams.



Reward every effort made by any team.

Interns using Jubiwee are more satisfied and more likely to apply for a job by


"I have tremendous pressure to convert interns into full time positions, how can I increase the conversion rate?"

Is Jubiwee right for me?

Contact us if you identify with any of the following statements.

Your investment in internship recruitment increases year-over-year but your internship conversion rate does not change

Your investment in internship recruitment increases year-over-year but your internship conversion rate does not change

Your external reputation as an employer is a priority

Your Universum or local survey ranking is not where you would like it to be

Your organization is complex and the internship experience varies greatly from team to team, division to division, country to country





Speedy launch and results


Personalize Jubiwee to reflect your internship strategy.


30 seconds of questions once per month


Actionable ideas for each context and population type.


Track your progress and the evolution of your results in your dashboard!

I want the best interns to stay in my teams!

Christelle Pradier

« Internships are key opportunities for us to showcase our most advanced digital and transformation initiatives. Thanks to our work with Jubiwee we are closer than ever to our community of interns - in France and abroad -and we are able to better address their expectations. »

Christelle Pradier
Recruitment Director France at Sopra Steria

Emma Shuttleworth

« When you have a large population of interns each year, it is imperative to ensure they live the best experience. Jubiwee gives you deep insights into their current status. You are able gain and share best practices amongst the HR community to put in place improvements where needed. »

Emma Shuttleworth
Talent Acquisition Director, L'Oréal France