Jubiwee wants to help during the Covid-19 crisis.

Jubiwee wants to help during the Covid-19 crisis.

We all have a role to play during these difficult times. Our job is to help managers and HR understand teams’ morale and expectations. Therefore, we have decided to offer a free version of Jubiwee during the Covid-19 crisis.

How does it work?

Anonymous micro-surveys were designed specifically to follow how your team is doing and dealing with these peculiar work conditions. They will be sent automatically at the frequency of your choice, and results will be available in a real-time dashboard. Click here to see an example of micro-survey.

Why Jubiwee?

Remote-work for eligible teams, changes in process : physical interactions are limited, but keeping the dialogue alive with your coworkers is more crucial than ever. Jubiwee gives you clear and tangible data to follow and adjust your policy during the crisis.