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Comparison chart - Bleexo vs. Jubiwee

Jubiwee offers a means to regularly measure the feelings of your employees and the commitment of your teams using targeted questionnaires and advanced analysis of the results. Customized surveys are sent regularly to your teams to identify areas for development and prevent disengagement in your company. Our experts will then propose concrete actions and best practices to put in place to meet the needs of your employees.

Everything to know about using Bleexo vs. Jubiwee

Both Jubiwee and Bleexo offer solutions to their customers that allow them to continually monitor the mood of their employees and identify points of attention. If Bleexo is principally oriented to listening to employees, Jubiwee separates itself by its managerial approach and by the focus it puts on concrete actions to put in place once the axes of development are identified within the teams thus giving a close comparison possible, thanks to the personalized filters applied to your teams.

Comparison chart - Bleexo vs. Jubiwee

Available features Bleexo Jubiwee
Anonymity threshold Minimum of 3 respondents Minimum of 5 respondents
Multi-filter comparison
Customized recommendations
Customizable question categories
Customizable filters
Customized questions
Frequency Your choice of frequency (monthly/weekly/break) Adaptable
HRIS integration
Language Multilingual Multilingual
Writing and reading permission Fixed 100% customizable
Library of questions 100 questions More than 200 questions
Number of question types available Unspecified 10 question types
Peer recognition module Whois
Sharing results PPT/Excel PDF/PPT/Live
Means of questionnaire distribution Teams/Email/Slack Link/Intranet/Teams/Slack/Text
Targeted campaigns for specific populations
Semantic analysis of verbatim text

What is the difference between Bleexo and Jubiwee?

As far as regular, personalized internal surveys, Jubiwee and Bleexo propose roughly similar offers, although Jubiwee allows its customers to further customize their surveys by offering a larger number of question types. A larger offering of question types not only allows managers and HR to personalize their surveys, but also gives the employees a better user experience, and thus increases response rates.

What are the available avenues of distribution for your in-house surveys? Jubiwee vs. Bleexo

The Jubiwee solution adapts to your organization and your internal tools. We are aware that tools vary widely from one organization to another. That's why we propose a multitude of avenues of distribution for the surveys, to adapt to your needs, but also your constraints (for example, for your non-connected employees, we install response terminals on site).

Why implement a tool to measure employee engagement?

The collaborative experience is an important subject. Businesses are finding it harder and harder to keep talented workers. Employees are less and less attached to their companies and organizational upheavals are more and more frequent. HR and managers are headhunted and many expectations rest on their shoulders. Digitalizing employee follow-up is a time saver for manager and for HR. By relying on our analysis tool, a large part is automated to guarantee easy follow-up and rapid implementation.

Jubiwee stands out with customizable filters for analyzing your questionnaires.

Applying customized filters to its teams allows Jubiwee users a clearer analysis of the results. Your mailing file doesn't only include e-mail addresses but also characteristics specific to your organization which will allow a more in-depth comparison of results that are more precisely adapted to your daily challenges. It must reflect your organization in order to best analyze the results. In order to facilitate the analysis, we've put in place a means of comparison that allows you to put several filters into perspective in order to compare scores by campaign.

Why are personalized recommendations important?

Once the questionnaires are sent to your teams and the data is compiled, analyzed, and reported in an easy-to-read and ready-to-use manner, Jubiwee offers personalized recommendations for daily implementation in your company: new routines, change the way certain things are done, do away with the things that don't work. When it comes to putting it into practice, we've designed our solution so that the recommendations make sense and that they reflect your organization and your corporate culture.