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Thibaud Martin, Victor Mustar, Antoine Bellion

About us

Jubiwee was born after a realization: thanks to big data, companies can now adapt their message for each type of client profile.

This very successful strategy was until recently limited only to the marketing field. This resulted in companies knowing their customers better than they knew their own employees. We built Jubiwee to change this.

We are convinced that a satisfying employee experience improves your company's performance and attractiveness.

We allow Managers and HR to benefit from the same access to big data as their colleagues in other fields by proposing an intelligent tool that responds to their needs. It's the first People Analytics solution to be built with a completely user centric approach making it quick and simple for employers to use.

Jubiwee was created at the end of 2016 in Paris, by three complementary cofounders:

  • Thibaud Martin, big data and digital marketing expert
  • Victor Mustar, innovation and user experience specialist
  • Antoine Bellion, specialized in algorithms and databases

Who were joined and counselled by top level People experts including Global HR Directors, Consultants, researchers and occupational psychologists.