The best companies are employee-centric

We help improve your coworkers' experience

The smart assistant that gets what you need

Jubiwee captures your employees' expectations, identifies important focus points and provides real-time, prioritized action plans to improve all year-long - for every relevant manager.


Engaging and targeted conversations. Responsive design.


Actionable insight on a company or profile-level. Custom recommendations.

Turn employee engagement into a competitive advantage

Employee retention

Happy employees are 9x more loyal to their employers.


Committed employees are 31% more efficient on average.

Employer brand

A satisfied employee becomes a brand ambassador for your company.


Engaged employees are 6x less likely to be absent at work.


90% of companies believe commitment improves their results but only 1 in 4 has a strategy about it - Join them !

They root for us

and help us everyday

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